Explore 2023 Toronto Mayoral Candidates

Policy Explorer is a tool developed by Please Vote Toronto to help sort through the incredible quantity of candidates with substantive platforms during the Toronto Municipal Election of 2023. We felt overwhelmed by the number of candidates. When we dug into the policy proposals and platforms of each candidate, our heads started spinning. We developed this tool to organize and clarify our own perspectives to help filter candidates in time for election day.

Our tool allows you to filter and separate all the policy statements made by each candidate. We sourced the statements from candidate’s websites and news organizations. We hope this will help you navigate the ballot on Monday morning!

Each general statement has a drop down option that allows you to fine tune and filter the specifics. For example, in the property tax section, you’re presented with three clickable options: freeze property taxes, reduce property taxes or increase property taxes. You can choose to refine your options and see the actual statements by each prospective candidate on the tax issue, to know exactly where they stand.

We are a small team so there is every possibility that we missed some statements and some candidates. For that, we apologize.

As an alpha-test, we are not collecting any data, aside from usability feedback.

Heads up, there's a lot of content here. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

— Made with ❤️ for the Democractic Process by Rashid and Valentin.